Did you know that your house still parties even when you are not around? Unless you make the conscious effort to turn off all appliances and home gadgets, you are wasting precious money and energy that is going unused. In the last decade we have seen home energy usage rise 14% and CO2 emissions rise 15%. To get things back on track we need to reduce the CO2 usage in our home by 50%. If you take the step to control your homes power usage while you are not there you can save an average of $2,410 to $3,072 annually. If you are looking to save yourself some money and not worry about doing it yourself ADT Pulse offers a Home Automation Function that will help control what your home is doing while you are away. In honor of Earth Day yesterday, here are a few more tips for controlling your home power usage while you are away.

  • Heating: Is taking up 33% of your power usage while you are not home. If you run the heater all day, you are using 2,850,000 watts per month which comes out to about $1,710 per year. In order to cut down on this, turn off the heat for 10 more hours a day while at school or work and this will lead to an annual savings of about $750.
  • Cooling: running your cooling system for just 6 hours a day means you are using $624,000 watts per month. Cutting down on that number will save you $472 per year. One way to do that is using ceiling fans instead of your centeral AC units it will cut down on your costs greatly.
  • Lighting: If you replace your incandescent light bulbs with 100 watt bulbs and keep them off for at least 10 hours per day you can save up to $247 a year. Replacing the 5 with 15-watt CFL’s instead, could save 85% in lighting.
  • Electronics: 24hours on 160 watts vs. 21 hours at 5 watts= $204 in annual savings. Meaning put your computer and other home electronics to sleep before leaving the house.

You can change the habit of leaving all your home utilities on with three easy steps. The first is to set a plan, second alter your habits and third keep track of the impact it will have on your monthly bills. Home Automation with the ADT Pulse will help boost energy efficiency and reduce your energy costs. Homeowners can save about $180 a year by properly setting there thermostats and maintain those settings. Here is an equation you can use to track your savings:

(wattage X hours per day X # days a year) / 1000 = ___ kWh X cost (cents) kWh= $__ year


To learn more about adding and ADT Pulse Security System to your list of Home Security Services, visit us at Connect Your Home or call (888)566-3979.  Do you turn off all your Home appliances when you leave the house?