What happens when the one job you were born to do best comes to an “end?” When you’re kids force you into parenthood “retirement” it can be a parent’s worst nightmare at first while adjusting to being left “alone.” The life of an empty nester isn’t an easy transition and sure it’s hard at first, but parents should also think of this new life stage as an opportunity to reclaim their lives back whether its reconnecting with a spouse, volunteering or trying a new hobby as a single parent. Empty nesters can see the flip side of empty nest syndrome as the chance to do the things they’ve always wanted to. Of course you’ll never stop being a parent but it’s fine time after twenty some odd years that you can make your dreams a reality.

Many empty nesters will put “travel more” at the top of their bucket list, from exploring different countries abroad to taking a road-trip in an RV across the country. The nice thing about being able to travel later in life is the automatic freedom while still maintaining a certain level of security at home even while you’re away. Kid “replacements” at home often come in the form of a new furry friend. My own parents can attest to having two dogs that they refer to as my “brothers” as a real-life example of in-home child replacements. ADT Pulseâ„¢ actually gives homeowners mobile access to keep an eye on their pets while on vacation either through a smart phone or PC. In addition to pet and home monitoring, ADT Pulseâ„¢ will also allow empty nesters to alarm their home security systems and turn off any appliances that may have been left on by accident (including the curling iron in your powder room).

Even when the vacation ends and you’re back at home, you want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to stay safe and secure. You can find more information about http://www.connectyourhome.com/news_and_articles/home-safety-news/home-and-personal-security-trends-to-be-aware-of-in-2011/holiday home safety tips and the new ADT Pulseâ„¢ mobile technology on our blog. To find out more information about installing an affordable home security system in your home, call 800-450-0941.