As early as 3:00pm this afternoon, DISH Network experienced an outage from satellite location 129, which has caused nearly all DISH Network subscribers to temporarily be without HD programming. However, there is a solution: switch your television to standard definition only and you’ll be able to continue watching your programming for the evening until DISH Network resolves this issue surrounding satellite 129. You can simply change your desired channels to standard definition for full programming coverage – just not in HD right now while DISH Network continues to work on the issue. Wouldn’t want subscribers to miss out on the finale of ‘America’s Got Talent’ or the premiere of ’90210′and Sarah Michelle Gellar’s return to TV in ‘Ringer.’

UPDATE @ 4:57pm PST! ** TWEET FROM DISH NETWORK ** @dishnetwork HD chnls are having problems. To see SD chnls press menu-pref-guide format select chan pref HD & SD hit save. #dishanswers

We will keep you posted for any updates as far as the DISH Network’s satellite situation goes, for now enjoy your programming, just make sure you switch to standard definition viewing! To learn more about DISH Network programming, visit authorized retailer DISH Systems by Connect Your Home online.