This past weekend at the CES Convention (Consumer Electronics Show) DISH Network announced two things. The first is that they are changing the name of the Blockbuster Movie Pass to Blockbuster @Home. The Blockbuster Movie Pass launched last October and allows new DISH satellite TV subscribers to access movie disc rentals via Blockbuster By-Mail and in-store, in addition to streaming titles and video games for an additional $10 monthly. Secondly DISH announced that they upgraded their Remote Access App for the iPad. From this point on subscribers of Blockbuster @Home or any premium pay-TV channel such as HBO or Cinemax can stream myriad VOD movies and TV shows on the popular Apple tablet. DISH is focusing on increasing the portability using the TV Everywhere platform, in its main efforts to lure and sustain subscribers who are enticed by less expensive over-the-top services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. “DISH has raised the bar when it comes to developing innovative ways to watch TV, whether it be on a big screen TV in your living room or on an iPad at the airport,” said Vivek Khemka, VP of Product Management.

In addition to expanding their Remote Access app, they are partnering with Thuuz to create an enhanced Google TV application that helps sports fans instantly find the best live and upcoming games to watch on television. The Thuuz Android app monitors the excitement levels during broadcasts of Major League Baseball, National Hockey League, Soccer, Cricket and Rugby games, as well as both pro and college football and basketball. When the excitement level on the field reaches the breaking point the subscriber will receive an alert that pops up on the Google TV screen to let the viewer tune to the action immediately. DISH is currently the only pay-TV subscriber to pair a set-top box with Google TV devices. To learn more about satellite TV in your area visit us at Connect Your Home or call (888)566-3979.