Decorating for the holidays is a favorite past time for everyone this time of year no matter how young or old you are; even the guys out there take part in the festivities by assembling lights on the house or picking out the biggest and best Christmas tree for the living room. Don’t let a timeless tradition ruin the fun by not taking the proper safety precautions and informing your kids about safety rules to follow during “the most wonderful time of the year.”

Back to you men, (or women) of the house who’s task it is to climb around on the roof, hanging holiday lights. Most people in neighborhoods I’ve seen begin hanging lights on their homes as early as the day after Thanksgiving (some go-getters even before then). Do yourself a favor and do the dirty work beforehand, there’s nothing worse than being stuck on the roof of your home with a tangled mess of lights from the year before – especially if one doesn’t work. Find that out before you step up on the latter by untangling the lights and testing them out ahead of time. Also, make sure the rungs on the latter have been well maintained and everything appears to safe and in tack. You might want to get a helper too so he/she can hand you any tools, decorations or lighting you might need, a second set of hands is always recommended. Visit the Underwriters Laboratories for more tips on ladder safety.

Sometimes candles are used as part of the decorations for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year’s Eve and various other holiday celebrations. In order to prevent home fires from starting, use common sense and a few reminders. Never leave a candle unattended or Christmas tree lights on inside when you’re not home. Don’t leave decorative candles lit near an area where it can easily be knocked over by a pet or child or on a window sill next to curtains that provide the perfect fuel for fires to ignite. Know where your fire extinguishers are located throughout the home and how to use them, plus check that your fire detectors are working properly too so your ADT home monitoring system will be able to effectively pick up a dangerous situation at home. Christmas trees tend to be another traditional decoration for many families to enjoy during the holidays, but they can also be huge fire hazards if not maintained properly. Homeowners can access ADT Pulse from their smart phone, iPhone or PC while they’re away from home to turn Christmas tree lights off and ensure a safe home environment with convenience.

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