FTC Concerned About Apps For Children

Smartphone users had about 800 apps to choose from in 2008, in just about 4 years that number has risen to 500,000 apps in the Apple App store and 380,000 in the Android Market. The problem is, many of these thousands of apps are designed for children but they are not doing enough to protect    Read the full article  

Google TV Now More Compatible With Sony Products

Google TV made some significant updates to their platform this past week. They are making their platform compatible with Sony products, making Google TV compatible with the Android Honeycomb 3.2. This will be the last big update before the platform migrates to the Android Ice Cream Sandwich. So far this has only been made available    Read the full article  

Blockbuster Streaming Service is Now Blockbuster @Home

DISH Network announces many changes at the 2012 CES Convention in Las Vegas this past weekend.

Beware Paid Ads in your Facebook News Feed

Pretty soon you will not only be able to see what is happening in everyone’s lives you will get sponsored ads popping up in your News Feed. “Starting early next year, we will gradually begin showing Sponsored Stories in News Feed,” a spokesperson for Facebook said. “Our goal is to do this thoughtfully and slowly.    Read the full article  

Throwdown: Blockbuster vs. Netflix

With so many online, in-store and streaming DVD services out there it might be hard to know which service to go with. Connect Your Home would like to help. We have put together a side-by-side comparison for both Blockbuster and Netflix and hope that this will better help enable you to make an informed decision.    Read the full article