New Game Changers For The TV Industry: Streaming Devices

It seems that while everyone else was talking about the Time Warner Cable merger with Comcast, online companies Amazon, Yahoo and Google decided to take advantage of the changing TV industry by making room for themselves. In just this past week, Amazon and Google have spurred talks about their new streaming products – Amazon Fire    Read the full article  

The Next Big Thing: Wireless TV

Charlie Ergen, owner of DISH, has been purchasing spectrum for some time now in hopes of one day being able to provide wireless TV to DISH’s 14 million subscribers. The technology is still being created, but recently there has been some talk about the service becoming available in the near future. This raises the question    Read the full article  

Connect Your Home Sponsors Over the Hump Race Series

Connect Your Home has just become a silver sponsor of Orange County’s “Over the hump” mountain bike race series, which consists of a 12 races. Over the Hump Mountain Bike Race Series kicked off their inaugural season in 2009 with 2 initial races that both sold out very quickly. The fire was lit and in 2010    Read the full article  

Participate In National Day Of Unplugging

Have you ever heard of the National Day of Unplugging? The second annual National Day of Unplugging is this weekend. The event will run for 24 hours from sundown this Friday, March 23rd, to sundown, Saturday March 24th. You are invited to disconnect from the Internet and reconnect with family, friends and the world around    Read the full article  

What’s True And What’s Not About The New iPad

Apple’s newest iPad has arrived right on schedule, but it may not be the exciting new piece of equipment we were all hoping for. However Apple rumors are part of what make each new release so fascinating. Because they like to remain tight-lipped about new products, they allow for the rumor mill to churn unchecked    Read the full article