HBO’s Game Of Thrones 60 Hour Marathon, Starting 4/4

We’ve all done it. Found ourselves wasting an entire day away plopped on the couch watching episode after episode of Friends or getting sucked into the Law & Order: SVU marathons that seem to be on every Sunday. It’s OK though, that’s why they show re-runs – right? Ahead of the season four premier of    Read the full article  

beIN Sports Releases Channel Changing Vuvuzela

Remember that distracting humming sound that accompanied all of the World Cup matches back in 2010? Well they’re back and they now have the “power” to change any TV to beIN Sports – one of the networks carrying live coverage of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Is it magic? Not quite. The network’s website    Read the full article  

Get In On March Madness | SEC Network

As students across the country begin making plans for March Madness, don’t forget that you too can get the best ticket in the house! Conveniently, yours includes a comfy couch and access to your refrigerator! Your all-access pass to the most storied rivalries in college athletics is possible through the variety of sports packages offered    Read the full article