Legislation on Net Neutrality Released to FCC

Internet providers have been keeping customers on their toes lately between net neutrality, playing the blame game on slow streaming speeds, and most recently, turning customers’ homes into public WiFi hotspots. And now, Democratic lawmakers have unveiled legislation regarding net neutrality that would force the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to ban Internet fast lanes. For    Read the full article  

Is Your Home a Potential Comcast Hotspot?

Last week, Comcast turned 50,000 of its customers’ homes in Houston, Texas into public hotspots and they plan on doing the same to millions more by the end of the year. According to the Houston Chronicle, Comcast says the move won’t slow down the residential customer’s connection. Comcast’s website explains that the additional “xfinitywifi” network    Read the full article  

Netflix and Verizon Playing the Blame Game for Poor Video Streaming

Things are starting to get a little catty between internet service providers and content providers as the conversation on net neutrality heats up with Netflix and Verizon playing the blame game for poor video streaming quality. Earlier this week some Netflix users who connect to the internet through a Verizon FiOS connection received the following    Read the full article  

Time Warner Cable and Boingo WiFi Deal

Time Warner Cable (TWC) and Boingo, a major WiFi network operating company, have made the first “fast lane” deal that would affect WiFi roaming access. Financials weren’t discussed in the announcement, but the deal gives TWC access to hundreds of “premium” Boingo locations including subway platforms and airports in cities such as New York; Los    Read the full article  

Net Neutrality – Who is Willing to Pay?

Following Netflix’s lead, Apple is reportedly willing to pay for better content delivery which makes them the next player up to bat against net neutrality. But the technology giant is said to be negotiating with various internet service providers (ISPs) whereas Netflix has only made a deal with Comcast – so far. The reports on    Read the full article