New Game Changers For The TV Industry: Streaming Devices

It seems that while everyone else was talking about the Time Warner Cable merger with Comcast, online companies Amazon, Yahoo and Google decided to take advantage of the changing TV industry by making room for themselves. In just this past week, Amazon and Google have spurred talks about their new streaming products – Amazon Fire    Read the full article  

HughesNet Advice to Stay Connected During Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season starts June 1st and it runs until November 30th for the Atlantic, and the Eastern Pacific Season has already started on May 15th and runs until November 30th. Many people that are residing in coastal areas run the risk of being affected by a Hurricane. About 2.1 million people live full-time in these    Read the full article  

As Facebook Grows, So Do Online Security Threats

We have all heard the news that Facebook is going public on Friday with one of the most anticipated IPO’s (Initial Public Offering) in history. Mark Zuckerberg is expanding his social media empire that has become a seemingly irreplaceable part of the online experience, with its more than 900 million users. The unfortunate things is    Read the full article  

Mozilla Takes a Stand Against The CISPA

The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) is a proposed law in the United States which would allow for the sharing of internet traffic information between the U.S. government and certain technology and manufacturing companies. The stated aim of the bill is to help the U.S. Government investigate cyber threats and ensure the security    Read the full article  

New WAN Solutions from HughesNet

HughesNet service keeps looking for ways to improve their Quality of Service. They have announced their plans for a new Wide Area Network(WAN) solution that delivers MPLS-like network quality and performance that is sure to be better than the IP Networks currently out there. The new solution that HughesNet has announced is comprised of the    Read the full article