Arson Awareness Week

Does your family participate in a Neighborhood Watch program? If an arson were to target your neighborhood next, is your home prepared to alert you with a home security monitoring system complete with functioning smoke alarm detectors? Arson Awareness Week takes place from May 1 – 7 to help generate “public attention on the value of a    Read the full article  

National Safe Digging Month

Even with only two days left of April, it’s not too late to keep in mind the importance of National Safe Digging Month and the reminder of calling 811 before you begin digging at home. Imagine your cable TV or other home utilities including water supply all of a sudden shutting off at home, and in your    Read the full article  

How Technology Can Help Keep Your Home Safe

It’s no surprise that a lagging economy can usually lead to an increase in home invasions, where many thieves find it hard to make ends meet or tough to continue supporting a bad habit. In our blog post we’ve added some interesting facts provided by Homeowners Insurance about different crime rates over the last few years in addition to    Read the full article  

Keep Spring Cleaning Safe

Although it’s often more than once a year that we participate in deep cleaning our homes like that of Spring Cleaning, it’s important to keep in mind the hazardous chemicals and materials that we might bring into our homes once the sprucing up and wiping down begins. When using strong cleaning solutions with highly concentrated    Read the full article  

Prepare Your Family for a Disaster

The recent natural disasters in Japan from earthquakes to tsunamis has everyone shaken up around the world – thinking about their own family’s safety if a disaster were to strike in their area. Back home in America, we have had our own fair share of natural disasters from hurricanes in the southern states to tornadoes in    Read the full article