Keep Your Home Safe From Afar

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, around six percent of American households own a second home.  Technology has made some great leaps toward making sure that you can keep your home safe, without actually being there. With some recent advancement in home security technology, homeowners can be alerted if a patio door is left open,    Read the full article  

Social Networks: Don't Let your Kids Fool you

Television stations used to run this public service announcement: “It’s 11 o’clock. Do you know where your children are?” Forty years later it is still an important message to parents, however it should probably be updated a little bit. “Do you know what your kids are doing online,” is a little more relevant these days.    Read the full article  

Home Security Tips From the Hosts of ‘It Takes a Thief’

‘It takes a thief’ is a interesting new series developed by the Discovery Channel that offers viewers a look into the lives of a thief and the steps each homeowner should take to protect themselves from this type of invasion. ‘It takes a thief’ is hosted by Matt Johnston and Jon Douglas Rainey, both of    Read the full article  

Summer Safety Tips for UV Awareness Month

During the summer, everyone wants to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather. Not only does the sunshine improve our mood, but many people want to get that healthy, tanned look to their skin. The sun’s rays can also be harmful, which is why we have a national safety month centered around UV awareness… and it so    Read the full article  

‘Cyberbully’ to Premiere on ABC Family

Cyberbullying has become a risky byproduct of the advances in Internet technology over the recent years. With more students than ever owning cell phones and having access to the Internet whether it’s at school or home, teens are taking advantage of everything the world wide web has to offer, some even taking it too far.    Read the full article