Netflix’s stock plummeted in after-hours trading on Monday, revealing persistent unease about the future of the company and questions about where the former Movie Giants business model was heading. While Netflix future looks to be uneasy, Blockbuster is forging ahead with their growing business. Blockbuster @Home offers the widest variety of movie and game titles, available in-store or by mail. Blockbuster will share a campus with DISH at the Meridian International Office Park in Douglas County. Blockbuster LLC said it will make the move of its corporate headquarters from Dallas to Denver and relocate more than 150 management positions during the next five years. DISH Network LLC, which owns and operates about 1,000 Blockbuster stores nationwide, said the movie rental company will be relocating from their headquarter in McKinney, Texas to the Meridian International Office Park in Douglas County near Denver. In addition to offering all employees management opportunities, to those willing to make the move, DISH Network and Blockbuster will offer an undisclosed number of additional positions.

“We’re excited to begin writing a new chapter in Blockbuster’s history by moving our headquarters to the Rocky Mountains,” said Blockbuster president Michael Kelly. “Blockbuster’s rich heritage grew exponentially in Texas, and we appreciate everything the citizens of Texas did to make us feel welcome. Now it’s time to align our staffing with our recent business developments as we lay the groundwork for growth in our digital, in-store and by-mail services.” The move is expected to open up a total of 150 management jobs in the metro area over five years with an average annual wage of $93,257 said state and company officials. DISH, the nation’s second-largest satellite-TV provider, purchased Blockbuster out of bankruptcy for $320 million. The video-rental chains have suffered in recent years as consumers turned to alternative such as Netflix and Redbox. To learn more about adding Blockbuster @Home to your satellite TV programming package visit us at Connect Your Home or call (888)566-3979.