Logitech has dropped the price on the Revue Google TV.  It is down from the $249 it used to be, due to consumers all but ignoring the device for more than half a year. Many may see this as Google TV failing, but why not go out and take advantage of this excellent deal. Here are five reasons why you should give Google TV a second chance.

  1. The Browser: You will find countless ways to take full advantage of the Browser, like for Coachella, NASA TV, and to watch professional video game playsers battle each other online. There are many situations where current events and live concerts are streamed online and most of them are viewable from your Google TV browser.
  2. The Android remote App: This Application simplifies the experience as well as offers voice input. So now searching TV can be as easy as getting directions while you drive.
  3. Honeycomb: This will be a vast improvement from Google TVs current platform. It will support this version just fine and will make it very easy to use.
  4. The app store: Google TV does not currently have access to the Android Market, however this will change within the next few months when the Honeycomb upgrade kicks in. Some developers are already busy putting together apps specifically for Google TV. There are some ways you can already take advantage of your Google TV if you are a Android user.

Google TV is still striving to make big improvements and make their applications and software more user friendly. So why not take advantage of this great price and go out and get your Google TV today! For more technology news and updates visit us at Connect Your Home or call (888)566-3979. Do you own a Google TV?