New Interest in Acquiring Time Warner Cable?

Rumors are flying regarding allegations that Rupert Murdoch is attending this year’s Sun Valley conference with intentions to make a deal with Time Warner Cable. Both Time Warner and Fox spokespeople have yet to comment, but the speculation continues as a deal of this magnitude would make the list of Murdoch’s companies even more extensive    Read the full article  

Merger Decision-Makers Appointed by FCC

Meet two of the people the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has appointed to oversee the proposed AT&T / DIRECTV and the Comcast / Time Warner Cable merger deals: Jamillia Ferris, former member of the Justice Department’s antitrust division during the first Obama administration William Rogerson, economics chair at Northwestern University and served as the chief    Read the full article  

ADT Announces One of a Kind Voice Recognition App

Want to control your home security system by simply using voice commands? There’s a voice recognition app for that. On Tuesday, ADT announced a new app – ADT Pulse® Voice; the one and only voice recognition-enabled home security system technology. With this innovative app, ADT subscribers are able to access all of the smart home    Read the full article  

2014 FIFA World Cup Update

Are you still feeling the sting from Portugal’s last-second, equalizer goal that prevented the U.S. from eliminating them from the next round? If you are, you’re not alone according to Nielsen data that shows a record-breaking 18.2 million viewers tuned into Sunday’s gut wrenching match. Next up, the U.S. faces Germany in a very important    Read the full article  

Verizon’s Interest in DISH Wireless Spectrum

DISH has purchased $17 billion worth of wireless spectrum since 2011 and is reportedly looking for a partner to build a wireless broadband network. But with the multiple merger deals being discussed, the number of potential partners is diminishing – quickly. Click here to find blogs on potential merging providers and other provider news. Before    Read the full article