2014 NFL Regular Season Schedule

Getting sick of all the talk about the NHL and NBA playoffs? Well take a break from all of that and mark your calendar with your favorite team’s 2014 NFL regular season schedule! Week-by-week Team-by-team Also check out the NFL 2014 pre-season schedule here.

2014 FIFA World Cup Match Line-up

With less than 50 days until the first match, it may be time to mark your calendar with the Group Stage match-ups schedule. Catch all of this summer’s showdown on Univision – need a sports package that includes Univision? Find the best deals on sport packages here! All times are listed in Mountain Time Thursday,    Read the full article  

HBO GO: To Get “Far, Far Away From Your Parents”

Well, this is awkward. Lena Dunham’s crass sense of humor has sucked you into yet another episode of Girls when your parents walk in the room at the worst. possible. moment. You’re not sure what to do other than pretend they aren’t able to see or hear the explicit sex scene on the TV. And    Read the full article  

Netflix Price Increase

MASHABLE Here we go again! It seems as though Netflix is hoping that a “second time is the charm” approach will work as they attempt to hike up prices again. The approach is somewhat different this time though as it will only affect new customers and is an increase of one to two dollars (depending    Read the full article  

Security Cameras – More Than Just A Safety Device

Perhaps inspired by candid camera shows, security cameras have started taking on more roles than just home security and safety. OK, probably not candid camera-inspired but with all of the new home automation technology, people are able to stay connected to their homes and loved ones like never before, no matter where they are. Apps    Read the full article