HughesNet Free Standard Installation

When you make HughesNet your high speed internet satellite service provider you will never have to worry about setting up complicated equipment or trying to understand confusing instructions because you’ll get free installation by a professional HughesNet technician. Once you have decided on the right HughesNet plan and placed your order you will be able to schedule an appointment for your free standard installation at a time that is convenient for you. That’s all there is to it because the HughesNet certified installation technician will take care of getting all the equipment and accessories that you will need.

What can you expect once you scheduled your free standard installation? Before your installation appointment decide where you would like to have the modem installed, inside your home and close to your computer. You will want to verify beforehand that your computer meets the minimum requirements for compatibility:

* Windows 2000 PE or higher (which includes Windows XP or Vista), MAC 10.1 or higher.
* 10/100 ethernet pre-equipped for network capability.

The actual installation will take about four hours, and it is necessary that you are at home for the duration of the installation. The satellite dish has to be installed where it can be accessed easily with a twenty four foot ladder as well as having a southern sky line of sight. There may be several places that would be acceptable for the installation and the technician will need you there to decide on the best location.

The HughesNet installer will bring all the equipment with him to the appointment, so there is nothing that you need to purchase ahead of time. You will get the satellite HughesNet modem (either the IDU or Indoor Unit), and connected to your PC with a HughesNet power supply with LAN cable. Also included is a HUghesNet dish (satellite antennae), mount and radio. The installation will be at least five feet off the ground so that it won’t be accessible to small children. It is important that it can be reached with a 24 foot ladder for easy servicing access as well as securing a clear southern sky line of sight for an unobstructed view of the satellite, which ensures the best signal for receiving and sending information.

The HughesNet modem will be connected to the antennae with up to one hundred twenty five feet of cable, and the single wall penetration will be secured inside with a dual connection faceplate. The whole system will be grounded with a HughesNet provided grounding block to a bonding point that is NEC approved. The compression fittings are water resistant and are completely weather sealed along with the exterior penetrations.

Additional services may be purchased directly from the installation technician to enhance the services provided with the standard installation, and will be specifically priced at that time. You will be required to sign an authorization for any additional services that you request before they can be installed.

*Free standard installation valid on new Lease option only. Not valid with the Purchase option. Limited time offer.