Remote Access

DISH Remote Access from DISH Network

DISH Remote Access lets you control your DISH Network DVR from almost anywhere that you have access to the Internet. DISH Remote Access is perfect for anyone who has ever left the house for school or work and later realized that they had forgotten to program their DVR. Never miss your favorite shows again, thanks to the innovative technology of DISH Network. Program your DISH Remote Access compatible receiver from your MAC, PC or iPhone with Internet access anywhere, and enjoy many of the same features that you have with your DISH Network DVR Remote. As long as the receiver is running from a broadband Internet connection, DISH Network customers will be able to take advantage of DISH Remote Access.

Is Your DVR a DISH Remote Access Compatible Receiver?

The following DVR model numbers are DISH Remote Access compatible: 522, 625, ViP 612 DVR*, ViP 722 DVR*/ViP 722k DVR*, ViP 622 DVR*

*The ViP DVR receivers can be connected to a broadband Internet connection. Your broadband Internet connection should enable access to some of the DISH Remote Access features that possibly wouldn't be available without a broadband connection.

DISH Remote Access Features

Once you have DISH Remote Access, a compatible receiver model and access to the Internet, you will be able to:

  • Manage and schedule DVR recordings.
  • Access the program guide with full browsing and searching capabilities.
  • See TV shows and movie graphics and posters.

  • DISH Network Remote Access will let you take charge of your DVR settings and functions when you have a broadband connection and one of the ViP series DVR receivers. As long as you have access to the Internet, you will be able to:

  • Manage the disc space of your DVR.
  • Control recording priorities.
  • Delete all previously recorded programming.
  • Use the #Conflicts# option on the #My DVR# tab to manage recording time conflicts and choose which of the recording timers you would like to skip.

  • DISH Network subscribers who have a Slingbox that is connected to a ViP series DVR and a broadband Internet connection should be able to view live TV and DVR recordings right from their computer (MAC or PC).

    DISH Remote Access Compatible Devices

    Use your computer, MAC or PC along with a compatible Internet browser to gain access to your DVR receiver with DISH Remote Access online.

  • Internet Explorer (I.E.) versions 6.0, 7.0 and 8.0
  • FireFox Version 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0
  • Safari for a computer or mobile device

  • Setting Up Your iPhone or iPod is Easy

    Before you can use your mobile device, you will have to visit to create an online user account if you don't have one already. Use Safari to access the mobile website and access DISH Remote Access by using your account username and password.

    Use the iPhone App to get direct access to DISH Remote Access. You'll find the iPhone App through the Apps icon on your iPod Touch or iPhone or visit the Apps Store on iTunes at The iPhone App requires your username and password from your DISH Network online account.

    Enjoy DISH Network's most recent enhancement to DISH Remote Access with the ability to send timer information to their DVR via satellite communications. Customers without a broadband connection can now relay timer information to their DISH DVR receiver while DISH Network broadband customers can continue to use DISH Remote Access through their ViP-series DVR.

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