DISH Network Parental Controls and System Locks

You will never have to worry about what your children are watching on TV again when you utilize the DISH Network parental controls to monitor channel accessibility. DISH Network has integrated a highly effective monitoring system into their satellite receivers which allow you to choose the level of programming control. The System locks and parental controls are already installed, and you can easily activate and deactivate them according to your needs. The parental controls feature is free from DISH Network, your number one service provider for quality family TV programming.

Monitor TV Content By Rating

Use the DISH Network Parental Locks to block or allow programs according to the ratings given by the Motion Picture Association of America. In addition to the rating, you can include additional criteria such as language, nudity, sexual content and violence to expand the degree of monitoring.

Block Specific Channels

The DISH Network Parental Locks allow you to disable access to any channel, and keep it password protected. You can use the Parental locks for any channel that is a part of your subscription, whether it is a premium movie channel, Pay Per View or one of the local channels to completely remove access until the correct password is entered.

Setting the channel lock is easy and done right from your DISH Network remote control. Simply press the “Menu” button and then select “Locks”. You will now be able to select the type of lock that you want to place on your programming and lock it with a password. Controlling TV content and program monitoring has never been this easy, and it’s absolutely free with your DISH Network subscription.

When you enable the DISH Network Parental Controls and System Locks, you will be able to put your mind at ease knowing that you have total control over the type of programming your family watches.

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