DISH Network and Google TV

Google TV is the latest innovative technology that combines the accessibility of premium web content with your favorite TV programming for the most extraordinary TV viewing experience ever. Now it’s possible to surf the web right from your TV screen while having greater searching capabilities. DISH Network has proven once again why they are consistently named as the leading service provider in the industry for customer satisfaction year after year, by partnering with Google to offer customers the best connected TV experience. Google TV is now much more accessible and affordable for everyone, so why not pick up the phone and call DISH Network right now to take advantage of the incredible offers for Google TV?

The dynamic features of DISH Network and Google TV enables you to customize your entire viewing experience far beyond anything that you have ever dared to imagine.

Expanded Searching Made Easier

Search for the type of programming that you want without the limitations of a single program guide or separate Internet search engine. Now you can access more listings even faster by combining the searching power of your DVR, DISH Cinema and Internet. Purchasing On Demand programming and scheduling program recordings can all be done right through the Google TV search results.

Take Your Viewing Experience To A New Level With Interactive Apps

Integrated apps let you watch your favorite TV shows with friends and family even when you cannot be together. Share comments and conversation while watching the same show through Twitter. Enjoy a wide variety of Android Apps designed just for your Google TV experience, and keep an eye on the Android Market for even more apps to be released shortly that will let you continue to expand and personalize your programming.

Digital Technology You Can Count On For Reliability And Speed

Setting up your Google TV with your DISH Network receiver is quick and easy. The Logitech Revue platform is likely to be all the additional equipment that you will need. Simply connect the Logitech Revue and your DISH Network receiver to your network with a wireless router and ethernet cable, and you’ll instantly have a connection to the Internet on both of the devices.

Switching back and forth between Google TV and DISH Network can all be done from one remote control. No fumbling with a remote for each because the Logitech Revue has DISH Network capabilities built right in. Just continue to use your regular DISH Network controller when you are only using the DISH Network functions.

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