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Bundle Discount!

New DISH customers can receive a $10.00 monthly bundle discount when they subscribe to dishNET High-Speed Internet and eligible DISH TV programming. The bundle discount is automatically applied to the customer's bill. Existing Video customers can also receive the monthly bundle discount. Eligible DISH programming includes:

Waived Activation Fee

Bundle with a qualifying DISH TV package with dishNET High-Speed Internet and the $99 activation fee is waived.

Data Caps

DISH is able to offer higher monthly data caps to customers than other satellite internet providers. Data caps mark how much data a customer can download each month. These data caps are split in half between Anytime data that can be used anytime of the day and Bonus data that can only be used between the hours of 2am and 8am.

The 3 monthly data cap options are as follows:

Reaching the Data Cap Limit

A customer who uses 100% of their data before the end of the month will have their download speed throttled to approximately 128 kbps until the month ends. Once the next billing period begins, their download speed will return to normal. When a customer reaches 80% of the monthly data cap, DISH will alert them via email.

If a customer uses all of their Bonus data, they will begin using their Anytime data during the hours of 2am and 8am. When a customer uses all of their Anytime data they will not be able to use their Bonus data any time other than 2am and 8am. Customers can monitor their current usage on under the "Usage" tab or at


When a customer reaches their monthly data cap, they may call customer service and purchase 3GB data tokens for $25 each. Once the customer purchases the tokens their download speed will return to normal.

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