Stream and Watch DISH Network on Android Devices

The latest innovation from DISH Network now makes it possible for subscribers to use their mobile Android device to watch live satellite TV. The free DISH Network on Android App is your streamlined mobile portal to all of your favorite recorded programming and live TV everywhere you go. Your mobile Android device and the DISH Network for Android App are the perfect solution to a hectic schedule and having the ability to watch your favorite programs on your Android mobile device is only the beginning.

The DISH Network Android app has the same great features as DISH Remote Access, so you will be able to control your programming, manage your DVR settings, search listings and set up recording schedules. The new DISH app for Android gives you unlimited access to all of the features that you enjoy from your DISH Network subscription at home. The DISH app for Android is free and it doesn’t cost a penny extra to use the service. It’s easy to see why DISH Network is still ranked as the number one service provider for customer satisfaction and overall leader in the industry, because as the provider that brought you the greatest selection of programming anywhere, it is now giving you even more choices and options to enjoy the best total viewing experience.

It is important that you have the right equipment to be able to use the DISH Network on Android App for mobile streaming television. The service will require Sling Media’s SlingBox, which is an easy set up addition to the compatible DVR model from DISH Network at home. If your current DVR is not compatible with the SlingBox, you simply have to contact DISH Network and request an upgrade to your existing DVR to one that would be compatible with the SlingBox technology already installed.

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